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About Us

We know that your hair defines how you feel. But, it doesn’t make you who you are.

You’re remarkable. A beautiful, determined and passionate woman who knows what she wants and wants to look and feel good doing it.

You love experimenting and changing things up, but you’re sick of changing your product every time you want to try out a new hair trend.

Changing your look to match your mood should be easy right?

Profusion Hair’s hair care range gives you the chance to do just that.

You focus on the look that makes you feel simply gorgeous and let Profusion Hair keep that look clean, moisturised and super sleek and healthy.

Whether you’re thinking about getting the latest braids or weave, or are ready to rock your natural afro locks, Profusion Hair is the perfect product partner to care for your hair.

Specially formulated to provide nourishing care to all natural and synthetic hair types our products offer a single solution for all your hair care needs.

In our fast-paced lives of careers, family and friends making time to take care of your hair is not always easy. We are committed to ensuring that the best ingredients are used in the most effective way to not only protect your hair, but keep it looking fresh, full of life and simply gorgeous!

Established in 2011, we started out as a small company importing and distributing a range of beauty and hair care products. After some research and our experiences on the ground we realised that there was a significant gap in South Africa’s haircare market. Especially when it came to the availability of dual hair care ranges – that is, products that have been specifically formulated for all types of natural human hair as well as synthetic hair pieces, braids, wigs and weaves.

So, in 2014, following professional cosmetic formulations and testing procedures we created our own unique range of hair care products and named it Desire.

Enriched with natural Jojoba, Coconut, Shea Butter, Olive, Argan and Macadamia oils, vitamins and minerals, this range offers the perfect combination of ingredients to moisturise, condition and protect any hair type.

About the owner

Desiré Glen
Desiré Glen

My passion has always been in the beauty and wellness industry. As the owner of a luxury wellness day spa in Maputo, Mozambique and South Africa I have had many clients from all walks of life, most whom have become dear friends.

Over the years I have come to realise that so many women have insecurities related to how the look and feel and how they portray themselves to the people and world around them. They always seem to forget that they are the ladies of the household, queens, goddesses, multi-taskers, intelligent, confidant, lovers, best friends and moms in this world.

We are all unique and beautiful and should love ourselves first before we can positively give back to our soul connections. I hope that my products and hair care ranges can make it easier for women to love themselves and share that love with the world.

Our promise

Profusion Hair believes in providing high quality, effective and affordable hair care solutions.

We have developed a specially formulated hair care range of results driven products which maintain, protect and style diverse hair types and textures including natural and synthetic hair as well as wigs and hair pieces.

We aim to become a premier haircare company through understanding and satisfying the fulfilment of women’s hair care needs and upholding our core values to all stakeholders.

It is with pride, integrity and confidence that we uphold our promise and company slogan to make you look and feel “Simply Gorgeous.”

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